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Start a rewarding career with a solid family owned company with a 35+ years track record of success

We are hiring

At James Tool we are always hiring skilled machinists that are highly proficient in making precision parts.

Being a family owned company we highly value our team members. The average years of service of our skilled machinists and managers is 16 years. Many have been with James Tool for over 20 years.

We are looking to fill the following positions:

  • Proto Trak CNC Mill/Lathe (Non-Production)
  • CNC (Mill/Lathe) – Program, Set-up, and Run
  • Wire EDM – Program, Set-up, and Run
  • CNC VTL – Program, Set-up, and Run
  • Welder – MIG & TIG (Production & Non-Production)
  • CNC Operator – Mill/Lathe (Production)
  • All Around Precision Grinding Machinist

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  • Competitive Pay
  • Steady Overtime
  • 100% Paid Blue Cross Blue Shield Medical Insurance (includes employee, employee/spouse, employee/child, and family)
  • Dental, and Vision Insurance
  • Vacation & Holiday Pay
  • Birthday Off with Pay
  • Tuition Reimbursement
  • Clean, Well Tooled & Organized Modern Shop

Current Job Openings

Wire EDM Programmer

This position requires strong knowledge of Wire EDM processes, programming, set-up and the running of the machine. This position also requires that the candidate know how to perform periodic maintenance of the Mitsubishi Wire EDM equipment.

A successful candidate must be able to program offline and develop a plan for the next job(s) while the Wire EDM is running.

CNC Machinist/Programmer – Lathe or Mill (Program, Set-Up, and Run)

A Candidate for this position must be able to read and interpret blueprints. The Candidate must also be skilled in creating CNC programs, setting the part up and running the part to attain repeatability and cycle time. This position must perform test runs and make adjustments until the resulting product meets blueprint specifications.

Candidates that tend to be successful in this position are adaptable to a Job Shop environment; hands-on management style; are task and results oriented; and able to work and communicate with people at all levels from shop floor to top management. This is a detail-oriented position that requires a candidate that has considerable planning, judgment, and the ability to work independently while driving continuous improvement and optimization is all day-to-day activities.

Prototrak CNC Machinist – Mill or Lathe

A successful candidate must be able to process precision parts utilizing a Prototrak 3 Axis CNC Mill or Lathe.

Must be able to:

  • Program
  • Set-up
  • Operate

CNC Production Machine Operator (Mill or Lathe)

A successful CNC operator will ensure that the CNC machine is producing parts at max performance and that the parts are produced in the tolerance range according to print specification.

Grinding Machinist

A candidate for this position is responsible for using multiple grinding machine tools to grind precision parts to print. Strong print reading ability is a must. Utilize Indicators, heights masters and may use other precision measuring tools to hold print dimensions within the tolerances specified.

Deburr, Bench Hand, Assembler, Multi-Task

Follow written and verbal instruction in order to learn this position. This position is typically a stepping stone to other positions at James Tool.

Quality Control Technician/CMM Programmer

 The Quality Control Technician is responsible for the programing of Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM’s), developing quality control plans, and inspection record sheets. The individual is responsible for the inspection of precision machined parts by using a variety of precision inspection equipment. The employee will be required to use this equipment effectively to verify conformance to blueprint and process specification requirements. The role is to define effective and efficient actions allowing to detect and contain quality issues, as well as to correct and prevent them

Hydraulic Workholding Build Department Manager

This Position will be responsible for managing the processing and building of complex Hydraulic Fixturing. This position will also work closely with Engineering, Project Managers, and the Fixture Build Team.

CNC Manufacturing Engineer

A candidate for this position must have strong CNC machining knowledge.  This knowledge must include programming, processing, and implementing efficient methods of successfully running high quality machined parts for many industries