Custom Workholding Fixtures

We Engineer & Build Custom Workholding Fixtures for many of the top companies in the World

James Tool has been developing and building custom workholding fixtures for over 35+ years. Our engineers and workholding specialists research and develop the most efficient workholding solutions for our customers.

We develop all of our workholding designs using the latest version of Solidworks® Desktop 3D CAD. Once developed and models are created, we utilize MasterCam® to help streamline our manufacturing processes. Our dedicated build and test area is well equipped to build and test the most complex hydraulic fixtures.

Each year James Tool initiates and executes the research and development, design, and build of over 300 fixtures. Many of our fixtures utilize multiple pressures, sequence clamping, clamp confirmation and air part confirmation for robot loading. Our fixtures are developed and built for many industries including but not limited to: Automotive, Medical, Transportation, Aerospace, Heavy Truck, and Household Appliances. – Click for industries served

A James Tool fixture is extensively tested in one of our PLC controlled custom-built hydraulic test stands. These test stands can replicate a CNC machine’s hydraulic system. This final step in the fixture build process was developed so that the part being clamped is under the same production conditions.

  • Over 130 years of combined experience Developing, Engineering, and Building High Quality Hydraulic Workholding
  • A dedicated development team is assigned to each project
  • Large dedicated fixture build area staffed with highly skilled fixture technicians
  • Inspection approval and other documentation shipped with fixture
  • CNC Deep hole drilling for hydraulic manifold holes (on-site)
  • Webcam for live clamp test viewing
  • Secure file transfer capabilities
  • All weldments are vibratory stress relieved in order to provide structural stability

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We build high quality custom workholding fixtures for many types of complex parts for the most well known companies in the World.

Some Example Parts:

  • Propeller Engine Housing
  • Adjustable Wrench Body
  • Large Air Compressor Housings
  • Gearbox Housing
  • Differential Case Housing
  • Large Truck Thermostat Housing
  • Large Truck Exhaust Manifold
  • Aerospace Valve Blocks
  • Hydraulic Pump Manifold
  • Firearm Parts – Various
  • Rifle Barrel – Various
  • Rifle Receivers – Various
  • Power Generation Turbine Segments
  • Pinion Shafts
  • Tire Mold Segments
  • Engine Crankcase – Lawnmower
  • Oil Filter Housing
  • Fan Bracket
  • Fuel Filter Housing
  • Meat Slicer Components
  • Large Truck Turbo Housing
  • Forklift Carriage
  • Marine Motor Housing
  • Shift Shaft
  • Parking Pawls
  • Motorcycle Parts – Various
  • Engine Support Bracket
  • Brake Caliper Body
  • Brake Caliper Bracket
  • Camshaft Intake & Exhaust
  • Variable Valve Timing Rotor
  • Large Electric Motor Housing
  • Valve Block
  • Nailer Magazine
  • Cooling Fan Cover
  • Piston
  • Water passage Housing
  • Throttle Body
  • Oil Pump Housing
  • Stator Shaft
  • Military Missle Fin
  • Ratchet Handle – Various
  • Pump Housing
  • Rocker Arm Actuator
  • Steering Arm
  • Water Pump Housing
  • Assist Housing
  • Starter Housing
  • Alternator Housing
  • Ring Gears
  • Medical Instrument Handles
  • Tibial Insert Plates
  • Small Engine Cylinder Head – Various
  • Dental Implant Molds
  • Kitchen Applicance Housing – Mixer
  • Ball Nut Housing
  • Worm Gear Housing
  • Control Arms – Various
  • Aluminum Gas Bottles – Various Sizes
  • Crankshaft
  • Automotive Shock Tower
  • Aircraft Seat Rails
  • Steering Rack
  • Rocker Cover
  • Bearing Races
  • Transmission Valve Manifold
  • Front Axle Housing
  • Transmission Case
  • 4 Cylinder Engine Block
  • Engine Block Cover
  • Automotive Compressor Housings

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