Low Cost Solutions

Low Cost Machining Solutions

We know that as a Decision Maker you need your precision parts at the lowest possible cost, on time, and the parts must be dimensionally correct.

Let us work with you on your OEM, MRO and spare precision part requirements. We have multiple ways to help you achieve your cost savings goals.

James Precision Ltd. – Thailand

James Precision Ltd (Thailand) was founded in 2018 to provide a lower cost solution for James Tool Machine & Engineering’s U.S. based customers.

While upfitting the 20,000 sq. ft. facility and moving in an initial 37 pieces of equipment, James Precision management hired our core group of Section Heads for each department, including Grinding, Milling, Turning, EDM (Wire and Sinker) and Quality Assurance.  In 2019, James Precision purchased an additional 8 new CNC machines.

To date, James Precision has hired many highly qualified machinists to work in our State-of-the-Art facility.

As our affiliated company, all of the Company’s software is identical to James Tool’s. This allows both Companies to seamlessly work together for the benefit of James Tool’s U.S. based customers.

James Precision provides all Quality Assurance documentation as well as material certifications (if required) for each part sent to James Tool (Morganton, NC).

James Precision is consistently adding capacity, fine tuning our processes and hiring highly skilled machinists.

Tool Management Program (TMP)

In order to provide quick delivery and a low-cost country solution for our customers, James Tool created the Tool Management Program (TMP). Completely managed in-house by our program team, there are many advantages to using our TMP Program.

Advantages of TMP:

  • Quick Delivery – Parts are delivered in days instead of weeks
  • Reduce Part Costs
  • Reduce Carrying Costs
  • Reduce on-hand inventory and space requirements

What type of parts are a good fit for the TMP Program?

A prospective TMP part is a mature part where the design of the part is finalized. Replacement parts for Automated lines/Machines where regular design changes are being made are not a good fit for this program. After all or some of the wear items on the Automated line/Machine become mature then those parts are a great candidate for the program.

However, if a mature part needs a design change then regular rates and delivery apply to modify or replace the parts to the next revision. The newly designed part once proven can then be entered into the program.

Our TMP Process:

Step #1 – You provide us a package of mature part drawings.

Step #2 – After a thorough analysis of your usage and inventory requirements, we will suggest a Minimum/Maximum level for each part number to be kept in our state-of-the-art climate controlled TMP storage facility located in Morganton, NC. However, you have the final say on inventory levels.

Step #3 – Utilizing our US based team, our affiliate company James Precision LTD-Thailand, and our vast network of precision machine shop partners around the world, we will provide a competitive quote for each part.

Step #4 – A Supply Agreement is drafted in order to establish how the program will operate. The Program is tailored to best suit mutually beneficial objectives of your company and James Tool. Pricing, Obsolete Tooling, Non-moving inventory and cost savings will be discussed prior to the signing of the TMP agreement.

Step #5 – Your parts are manufactured and shipped as scheduled according to the TMP agreement.

If you are interested in learning more about how our Tool Management Program can save you money and ship your parts faster give us a call today to discuss your project.

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